Het Leucistic
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Russo Line Het Leucistic

This mutation was produced in captivity in 1998 and proven co-dominant in 2002. We acquired our first Het Leucistic ball pythons into our collection in 2004. They were captive bred and hatched by Cutting Edge Herp (Vin Russo).

This bloodline of Het Leucistics is also known as High Yellow Lemon ball pythons. The Russo Line Het Leucistic mutation appears to be only a pattern mutation. The dorsal pattern is normal but the  lateral pattern shows some unusual blushing in the dark bands coming down towards the belly (known as lateral blushing). The belly has no black flecking like a normal ball python. The top portion of the iris in this line of Het Leucistic is a yellow/gold color and there is a defined light spot on the top of the head.

We are working with a pair of Russo line Het Leucistics and the female, whose father is a Leucistic, is a much brighter animal than the male, who was only a sibling to the Leucistics. This is vary similar to the Super Pastel Jungles producing better looking offspring than Pastel Jungles.



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